"Only the Reaper wins in the end"

aha wow dude

Holy shit the story is pretty enjoyable. The Deadly Six are great, and Eggman too.

Their pretty dark, but not in like an “edgy” kinda way. 

I forgot to drop c++ so I had class today

So far all the rumors as to why peoples blogs are being terminated or hacked didn’t apply to me.

I’m just glad I didn’t delete this account but still.


naruto 590


inbox is finally dead, peoples blogs are being deleted. the tumblr apocalypse has truly begun.

oh, well then. is it like duplicate accounts or something or people who hoarded hella urls

Nah cause people who fall under those categories havent been (yet anyway)

And the other account only had 2 hoarded urls

Not sure but there’s been a mass termination of accounts. I’m hoping they’ll put them back up but who knows. THis could be.


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